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Roxicodone is a prescription only drug containing oxycodone as it's main ingredient. This substance is regarded as Schedule II, which means that it is illegal to have unless you have an RX. A middle range amount to be taken daily is about 30 mg of Roxicodone pills.

Because of the fact that it is an opioid agonist, it is extremely powerful and works several times more effectively than something like Advil. This may take the form of multiple 5 mg pills, 3 10 mg pills or 2 15 mg Roxicodone strengths. One single extended release tablet may also be supplied which provides the body with regular discharges of medication

Roxicodone 30 mg Reports

Once Roxicodone enters the bloodstream, it travels to the CNS (central nervous system.) Once the brain and spinal column is stimulated with a Roxicodone dosage, it attaches itself to receptors that are responsible for signaling pain responses. It then halts the signal, thus slowing down activity in the lungs, heart and muscles.

There are some dangers of taking high concentrations which may lead to heart arrhythmia or respiratory failure, but it is difficult to achieve with a minimal amount like 30 mg Roxicodone tablets. For older or sicker patient's overdose is possible with even minute quantities, so being cautious is reasonable.

Roxicodone 30mg at Online Pharmacy

Fortunately, 30 mg Roxicodone tablets including brand name and generic Roxicodone are readily sold online. Since complete regulation over the internet marketplace is impossible, people are implored to buy only from places that:

  • Are merchants within their country's borders
  • Have licenses, privacy policies and registrations
  • Require inspection of your RX
  • Optional consultations with a pharmacists via web chat, e-mail or telephone
  • Are approved by the DEA or FDA

Prescription Drug Abuse

Unfortunately, because of how similar it is to heroin, opium and morphine, the narcotic has found itself to be popular amongst recreational users. One of the big problems is that people chew the contents or crush them up and snort or inject them.

Since Roxicodone for pain is time released, when it is broken, it becomes instant release which floods the body immediately. Euphoria is felt but the sudden rush may shock the CNS causing overdose.

When not used orally, the same dangers apply but are also amplified. Significant nasal and sinus damage can occur. Also, cysts, abscesses, infection, transmission of viruses, bacteria and disease that may be life threatening can be accumulated when drugs are taken intravenously and in non medical facilities.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know may have a drug dependency issue there are several hotlines and websites available that provide confidential help to those in need, most at a low cost. One way to withdraw by yourself is to slowly take less and less until your usage has become just enough to treat your symptoms or has stopped altogether.

For instance If you take 30 mg Roxicodone 3 times a day, start taking 20 milligrams for a week, followed by 15. Having a professional on board with you may help streamline the process both physically and psychologically.

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