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Although Roxicodone is a certified analgesic, a family of drugs used to keep pain at bay by blocking of receptors that recognize it in the brain, there are several things to consider. One of the biggest is that that are several Roxicodone dosage options depending on how big of a tolerance you have built up as well as your size, health and other things.

Usually, a beginner patient is given a total of 15 mg Roxicodone to take through out the course of the day in multiple pills. For some people this may be too much, depending on their constitution and sensitivities. For others it is too little and may require adjustments.

What Makes Up A 15 Mg Roxicodone Pill?

When you purchase medication, you are actually only seeking the active ingredient to help you feel better. This is at times called a pharmacon. That makes up approximately eighty to 90 percent of the total chemical composition of each capsule. The rest are binders, fillers and dyes which have several uses that have no medical application other than helping:

  • Keep the pill dry
  • Increase half life
  • Make the content easily swallowable and hide the chemical taste
  • Create a distinct color or shape

You will usually find sodium, cornstarch, lactose and other harmless substances in both 15 milligram and 30 mg Roxicodone tablets.

Types Of Releases

Most Oxycodone brands only sell time release tablets which immediately release the drug, allowing for a quick onset of euphoria and pain cessation. However, these are short acting and may require more to be taken.

One important thing to note is that even though some drugs are safe to half or quarter, oxycodone is not one of them. It then becomes instant release which may shock the central nervous system and may result in OD or death. Extended release, of which there is only one version right now, slowly supplies the blood stream with a consistent, steady flow of compound.

Many people prefer this method because only one dosage is needed per day. So if a doctor recommends you take 15 mg Roxicodone in total daily, you will only need to take it once as opposed to five milligrams, three times daily.

How Much Does Rixocodone Pills Cost?

Because there are so many brands, companies, countries that work with the narcotic, there is no set Roxicodone cost, but roughly it is about $1 per milligram, but it is much less expensive when a large quantity of high dosed pills are bought.

This rarely happens because often times strengths need to be adjusted in each individual over short lengths of time. Another reason this is done is to prevent irresponsible use, like taking too much or when it is no longer needed.

Also, a lot of patients who have prescriptions in turn sell their drugs to people who want them for non medical reasons which is illegal and dangerous. However, you can still buy 15 mg Roxicodone pills safely and legitimately online with little to no worry if done competently.

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