Ritalin and Roxicodone Meds Interactions

It is common for people to be on a multiplicity of different drugs all at the same time. However, this should be done only if approved by your doctor, since many drugs often times do not blend well together. The same can be said with over the counter supplements.

For instance, those that regularly consume blood thinning agents, called anticoagulants may not want to take Vitamin K or C, which in turns creates clots.

A physician may determine that certain medications may work fine together, like Roxicodone vs. Ritalin. They may even work harmoniously, in that one is a stimulant and the other is an opiate. Some detractors though claim that there are some dangers in mixing the two.

Roxicodone and Ritalin: How Do They Work

Ritalin is a drug used to treat ADHD, but in adults it is at times given to combat anxiety. Roxicodone is a painkiller, often given to individuals after they have been injured or just faced surgery. They both are classified as Schedule II Substances by the DEA which means you cannot have Roxicodone without a prescription or you may face criminal charges. However, if you have a script from a licensed health clinician, then you are out of harm's way in the eyes of the law.


What that means is a situation where specific medical treatment cannot or should not be accessed. This can mean both the interactions of 2 separate drug molecules that may create adverse conditions if taken jointly.

It can also be the case where for example, a pregnant woman may not be given a certain prescription because studies have shown or indicated that that drug may cause birth defects. In some situations, the benefits may outweigh the risk, but they are all case to case.

Not enough tests have been conducted to prove any dangers between mixing Ritalin with Roxicodone, but some theorize that it is not entirely safe to do so. The claim is that because the former increases the rate at which your heart beats, more oxycodone is then circulated through the system.

So a typical 20 milligram tablet will be upgraded to the equivalent of 25 or 30 mg of Ritalin. This may be unsafe and can contribute to an overdose. Also, there is a risk of the heart beating at irregular tempos which can cause some damage.

Safety When Taking Roxicodone and Ritalin

Usually you will end up with an rx to both medications if you have narcolepsy, depression, anxiety or anything else that would prompt the use of Ritalin. Then an injury or a surgical procedure may require Roxicodone for pain pills.

Since usually two different doctors will prescribe one or the other, it is important to make it known that you are medicated to prevent unwanted side effects. Even if no explicit instructions are given to avoid specific pills, it is necessary when health is concerned to be safe and err on the side of caution.

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